Wine & Food Umbria Day Tours

Wine & Food Umbria Day Tours

Let’s enjoy the great varieties of Mother Umbria’s top selected Wine & Food day tours in Umbria. We work closely with many experts in various fields, such as chefs at select restaurants, sommeliers of well-known wineries, and authentic olive oil producers. Let’s have a thrilling Truffle hunt, visit the best Umbria’s wineries & Olive Mills, or “simply” participate in a professional cooking classes based on local of cuisine and authentic recipes.

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Umbria Wine Tour

Every year, Umbria produces around 700,000 HL of wine (47% white wines – 53% red and rosé wines) in a vine-growing area of 13,000 ha. (30% in mountains – 70% in hills – 0% plains). The high-quality wine produced includes 2 DOCG, 13 DOC and 6 IGT. In Umbria, 78 registered wineries produce 240 wine labels and they harvest 3 organic extra-virgin olive oils as well Umbria exports about Euro 34 MLN of wine – 0,5% of Italy’s total Wine Export Industry. Our Wine & Olive Oil Day Tours propose authentic tasting experiences to top selected wineries and olive mills. Wine producers will have daily suggestions for you to taste only their best and thus allowing you to experience the warm embrace of Umbria’s soul.

Truffle Hunt

Italy exports the largest quantity of fresh truffles throughout the World and Umbria is the main producer of the best varieties: white, winter black, black. It counts 7,000 licensed truffle hunters distributed in about 1.500 ha of authorized regional territory. The truffle production accounts for more than 60 Euro MLN in the Italy’s National Product. Truffle hunting is one of the most fascinating activities offered in Umbria today; you can enjoy walking in the Italian countryside that is guaranteed to fill your senses and heighten your awareness as you follow expertly- trained dogs searching for the precious tuber, a thrilling experience in the deep-rooted soul of Umbria.

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Cooking Class

Umbria is the experience in excellence for wine lovers and those passionate about cooking; the home of culinary treasures it can offer an unbelievable variety of genuine land- products thanks to a perfect combination of microclimates and fertile soils. Vineyards, olive groves, truffle, lentils and saffron farmlands, cheese, cured meat, pasta and traditional bakery recipes will accompany your tour and your cooking class every day. Partake in delicious meals — farm-to-table meals at an agriturismo (a working farm), or dine at exclusive local restaurants. Participate in professional cooking classes of Umbrian cuisine and traditional recipes taught by accomplished chefs.

“On our first trip to Italy we were blessed to meet Daniela Cittadoni who is a registered tour guide based in her home town of Spoleto, Umbria. She introduced us to the breath-taking scenery, fantastic food, history and warm, friendly people of her area. If you are contemplating a trip to Italy and want to have an intimate tour of beautiful Umbria I strongly recommend Daniela. Not only is she a wonderful person and highly knowledgeable but she also truly wants you to love her area, as she does. Someday we WILL return!"
Gene Bourque
from Massachusetts, USA
“From the very first time I met Daniela her quick intelligence, her sense of humor and play, and the depth of her welcoming spirit made the perfect person to introduce Umbria to our group. Since then, over the many visits my husband and I have made to Italy. Daniela has become a beloved friend, a sister for life, someone we always look forward to connecting with on a deep level.”
David & JoAnn Brachman
from Carrolton, Georgia, USA
“The tour guide I has was simple AMAZING Sept. 21/16. She was very knowledgeable, provided excellent historic and valuable art insights – in a very friendly – yet academic and inspiring way. This tour greatly enriched my life! Thank you and please share this feedback with the amazing tour lady."
from “Umbria con Me reviews”
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