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Italy exports the largest quantity of fresh truffles throughout the World and Umbria is the main producer of the best varieties: white, winter black, black. It counts 7,000 licensed truffle hunters distributed in about 1.500 ha of authorized regional territory. The truffle production accounts for more than 60 Euro MLN in the Italy’s National Product. Truffle hunting is one of the most fascinating activities offered in Umbria today; you can enjoy walking in the Italian countryside that is guaranteed to fill your senses and heighten your awareness as you follow expertly- trained dogs searching for the precious tuber, a thrilling experience in the deep-rooted soul of Umbria.

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Campello sul Clitullo

Selected Truffle Farmer

From Monday to Friday

Professional Guide

(Italian, English, French, German, Spanish)

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4-Hour Truffle Hunt + lunch
min. 4 People
  • Duration: 10:30 am - 2:30 pm
  • Wine & olive-oil tastings
  • Lunch & drinks provided
  • € 119 /person (4 ppl)
  • € 89 /person (5+)
  • € 69 /person (8+)
7-Hour Truffle Hunt + City sightseeing
min. 4 People
  • Duration: 10:30 am - 2:30 pm
  • Wine & olive-oil tastings
  • Lunch & drinks provided
  • € 159 /person (4 ppl)
  • € 129 /person (5+)
  • € 89 /person (8+)

Spoleto Area

The south-eastern part of Umbria is the most productive territory in Black Truffle production. The Valnerina and Spoleto areas renound for being the perfect environments for truffle to develop all year round thus representing a very important contribution to the local economy. Let’s enjoy a truffle hunt and the taste sensation that cooking with truffle provides, savouring unbelievable truffle recipes.

Gubbio Area

Truffles are not only a luxury food, but also a veritable world to discover: uncontaminated nature, tradition and an authentic passion for its processing, you can feel like a real truffle hunter for a day and savour the delicacies culinary delights based on the truffles so typical to our territory.

The Gubbio area produces the most popular and unique truffles in the World, the White truffle which matures during winter and prefers to grow at a greater depth than the other more common black truffles.

Campello sul Clitunno

The terraced district of Campello sul Clitunno, near Spoleto and Trevi, has one of the largest family truffle economies in Umbria, thanks to its privileged environment for the production of the Superior Black Truffle.

It ripens between an altitude from 250m and 1,000 m above sea level. Immediate packaging as either fresh produce or hand- in sauces follows the seasonal pickings.

Spello & Assisi Area

Monte Subasio is one of the most attractive sites in Umbria for the thrilling experience of a truffle hunt.

Between Assisi and Spello, the mountain environment provides the perfect soil combination for the black truffle to mature. Here nature is truly unsurpassed.

Those participating on the truffle hunt will feel mother earth beneath their feet but also the breath-taking vistas, which only Subasio can afford, unfolding before their very eyes.


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I have only superlatives to describe Daniela and the work she does as a trip organizer and guide. I met her several years ago when I was looking for someone to provide my groups of travelers with authentic experiences in Umbria. Her knowledge and passion for the region and its people, as well as her warm personality make her the perfect person for the job she does so well. She is very organized and takes care of every detail so that travelers can relax and enjoy all that Umbria has to offer immediately upon arrival. Daniela is able to accommodate all ages and will make any time in Umbria with her an experience of a lifetime.
Roberta Bourassa
“ I have had the great fortune of traveling with groups of ladies and couples to the incredible region of Umbria with Daniella Cittadoni as our guide. Her vibrancy, passion and energy is beyond comprehension. She shares the great history and culture of this land in a way that touches your soul. She does it whole heartedly engaging each person individually. The experience is simply mesmerizing from absorbing the incredible historical stories, to having all senses engaged with smelling of colorful flowers, savoring wild boar or pasta with truffles and touching grapes off the vine and tasting the wine produced from them. It is an incredible moment in time when shared with this guide! Her knowledge and love for Umbria is palatable.
Caty Lamb


The tour guide I has was simple AMAZING Sept. 21/16. She was very knowledgeable, provided excellent historic and valuable art insights – in a very friendly – yet academic and inspiring way. This tour greatly enriched my life! Thank you and please share this feedback with the amazing tour lady
from “Umbria con Me reviews”

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