Who is Mother Umbria


Daniela Cittadoni, a native of Spoleto, Italy and an experienced and licenced travel director and tourist guide, is the vital force behind Mother Umbria. For over fifteen years, Daniela has been involved in all aspects of the Italian tourism business with a focus on her home Umbria. Daniela has helped individuals, couples, families, and specialty groups achieve their goals to experience the life-affirming vacation of their dreams. Her extensive Umbria knowledge of local history, art, and Italian cuisine is second to none. Mother Umbria also call upon many experts in various fields such as chefs at selected restaurants, sommeliers of well-known wineries, authentic olive oil producers who follow their own olives from the gathering to their orchards to the olive press and the delicious finished product. Specialised in custom- tailored tours and the above-mentioned services, Daniela is today one of the best and most knowledgeable tour leaders in the tourism industry today, the perfect way-in to your unique experience of travelling thoughtout Umbria.

Spend time alone

in a safe and magical town—time for cleansing, meditation, yoga, or just for Dolce Far Niente — the Art of Doing Nothing.

Increase your creative spirit

by developing your interests in photography and painting. Have your camera or paint brushes ready as everywhere you look offers a still-life of superlative beauty — the fairy-tale quality of hill-top towns and breath-taking views of Umbrian landscapes of mountains and valleys.

Enjoy the wonderland

of the outdoors — lakes, hills, rivers, waterfalls, hiking paths with incredible vistas. Enjoy biking, hiking, walking, boating, swimming, horseback riding, or if you prefer a fitness programme such as Pilates.

Share time with your special group:

writers, painters, corporate, choral, professional athletes, for-women-only etc. Whatever your group’s interest, we will design a tailor-made experience for all members.

Create memories of a lifetime

with a family reunion, honeymoon, or a family vacation.


and recharge your physical and mental energy.

I am first and foremost a true daughter of Umbria and I feel so blessed to live in this mystical land. I feel proud to be able to act as ambassador of the culture and human heritage of Umbria, your expert and friendly tour manager bringing it all about… This land gives you warm hugs, protection, cultural enrichment and soul-transforming experiences just as precious mother does, and my joy is always to see how many new visitors becomes part of this new family! Never-ending brother-and-sisterhood connections with the promise – I will come back!

I have only superlatives to describe Daniela and the work she does as a trip organizer and guide. I met her several years ago when I was looking for someone to provide my groups of travelers with authentic experiences in Umbria. Her knowledge and passion for the region and its people, as well as her warm personality make her the perfect person for the job she does so well. She is very organized and takes care of every detail so that travelers can relax and enjoy all that Umbria has to offer immediately upon arrival. Daniela is able to accommodate all ages and will make any time in Umbria with her an experience of a lifetime.
Roberta Bourassa
“ I have had the great fortune of traveling with groups of ladies and couples to the incredible region of Umbria with Daniella Cittadoni as our guide. Her vibrancy, passion and energy is beyond comprehension. She shares the great history and culture of this land in a way that touches your soul. She does it whole heartedly engaging each person individually. The experience is simply mesmerizing from absorbing the incredible historical stories, to having all senses engaged with smelling of colorful flowers, savoring wild boar or pasta with truffles and touching grapes off the vine and tasting the wine produced from them. It is an incredible moment in time when shared with this guide! Her knowledge and love for Umbria is palatable.
Caty Lamb

Umbria – The Shadowy Land of the Elves

Daniela also wrote a fantasy book celebrating Umbria and Spoleto from a creative point of view: Umbria – The Shadowy Land of the Elves "Rarely does one get the chance to read something radically new. The following pages do not contain a simple guide to the city of Spoleto. Indeed, under the veil of what might just seem simple fictitious words, things are not so simple because this book is actually offered as a new, privileged, surprising and imaginative passkey to the same city" by the presentation of Prof. Rodney Lokaj

Tour Guide & Tour Assistant

All escorted experiences organized by MOTHER UMBRIA guarantee the best top-rated tour guides in Umbria. Our guides are friendly and skilled professionals. They are bilingual and are masters in the history, art, and culture of Umbria. They will assist you in all parts of your daily program and travel needs.

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