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“Mother Umbria is a land of dreams that keeps you returning for the rest of your life”

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What is Mother Umbria?

Mother Umbria is a new exclusive Italian travel experience like no other, a new concept of travelling in Umbria, the mystical and treasured “Green Heart of Italy”. A unique transformative Journey for you and your family in comfort and style; an authentic, insightful and restorative break for groups or individuals wishing to discover the breath-taking art, architecture and history that Umbria has to offer while learning about ancestral local folklore from within, from the people actually born into it, and savouring its authentic cuisine. Mother Umbria offers you THE CHANCE to RENEW – RENOURISH – and REVIEW your life while leaving your worries behind. You deserve some pampering so come, let Mother Umbria WELCOME YOU IN HER WARMING EMBRACE mindful of your comfort, spirit and well-being.

Our Tours

With your input, MOTHER UMBRIA will CUSTOM DESIGN your unique travelling experience. If you let MOTHER guide you, you will have only one regret – not having done so sooner.

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Daniela Cittadoni, a native of Spoleto, Italy and an experienced and licenced travel director and tourist guide, is the vital force behind Mother Umbria.

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Why Umbria?

Perfectly positioned in the centre of Italy, Umbria is a charming Italian region and an authentic land of culture, cuisine and nature.


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Specials & Packages

Check out some of our top wine, extra virgin olive oil and food tour options for the wonderful Umbria. We can’t wait to show you around!

4-7 hours tour

Unique Umbria Wine & Food Daily Tour

Visits of 2 selected Umbrian wineries with a pairing light-lunch on cellar (food provided) – Tasting 3 best top Umbria Wines (2 DOC and 1 IGT) and Extra Virgin Olive Oil + local recipes.


villa umbria
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Boutique Hotels & Villas

Quaint and Luxurious Settling in …


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Save $50

Just You Trip

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Happy to annunce... The Wonders of Umbria!

Mother Umbria is happy to announce the birth of the Youtube channel entirely dedicated to telling you about the wonders of Umbria.

Since I am not able to share the passion to guide visitors in my enchanting Umbria , please join me in virtual tours all Saturdays at 7.00 pm (Italy) in YouTube live streaming connection.

 With your generous donation you support Mother Umbria and Daniela Cittadoni to promote the Italian culture and to share Umbria art and history, folklore and cuisine ann Italian lifestyle.

I have only superlatives to describe Daniela and the work she does as a trip organizer and guide. I met her several years ago when I was looking for someone to provide my groups of travelers with authentic experiences in Umbria. Her knowledge and passion for the region and its people, as well as her warm personality make her the perfect person for the job she does so well. She is very organized and takes care of every detail so that travelers can relax and enjoy all that Umbria has to offer immediately upon arrival. Daniela is able to accommodate all ages and will make any time in Umbria with her an experience of a lifetime.
Roberta Bourassa
“ I have had the great fortune of traveling with groups of ladies and couples to the incredible region of Umbria with Daniella Cittadoni as our guide. Her vibrancy, passion and energy is beyond comprehension. She shares the great history and culture of this land in a way that touches your soul. She does it whole heartedly engaging each person individually. The experience is simply mesmerizing from absorbing the incredible historical stories, to having all senses engaged with smelling of colorful flowers, savoring wild boar or pasta with truffles and touching grapes off the vine and tasting the wine produced from them. It is an incredible moment in time when shared with this guide! Her knowledge and love for Umbria is palatable.
Caty Lamb